How to wind likes of VKontakte it is free

How to wind likes of VKontakte it is free

Modern fans of social networks have the rating of the websites which they prefer to use. One of the most known is VKontakte created by Pavel Durov.

It is required to you

  • - computer;
  • - Internet access.


1. The website of VKontakte allows the visitors not only to communicate with the friends, to exchange video and audio recordings, messages, but also sometimes brings to people small income. To earn on this social network, people untwist the accounts, beginning with set of friends and finishing with turning of likes. Wrapping of likes is carried out in several ways. Provide that you want to gather many hearts to the first record on your wall. Begin wrapping with drawing up the message which text will comprise, approximately, following: "Hi! Look, please, at the very first record on my wall and put like. I thank you in advance!" Copy this message now and send it to all the friends. However you remember that for similar mailing you can be blocked. Not to become the spammer, just change a word order in the message or at the end put a smilie. Your friends, most likely, will read your letter and will satisfy your request.

2. The second way also is the spamerstvo. From you it is required to make the message which text will be something it seems: "Like the first record on my wall". Now come into any promoted community and just comment in it on any records, leaving the similar message in comments. The people reading news of this group will see your record and, perhaps, will help you. However be ready that you will be included in the black list of this community.

3. The easiest and most effective way of turning of likes is use of a special application which is called "Like machine". In the search string enter the name of this application, enter it and specify the link to record which you are going to advertize in a special window. Further you will need only to put likes to other users, and they will put likes on your record.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team