How to write a banner

How to write a banner

The banner can be created for the different purposes: as advertizing of your business project or the website in network or as replacement of normal black-and-white advertizing. Microsoft Word – the program which has all tools allowing you to create own banner in the existence.

It is required to you

  • - Computer;
  • - Internet connection.


1. Visit the official site of the Microsoft company to load templates. In a search window in the top part of the website enter the word "banner". Click further "search".

2. View the list of the most various templates for a banner which are available at the moment. Find a template, design, style and which purpose is answered most of all to your requirements. Make sure that the template is intended for Microsoft Word, but not for other programs. The majority of templates allow to print only parts of a banner on a standard sheet of paper of A4 format. Having integrated them all together, you will create a banner of the big sizes for use on different actions.

3. Click on the link of the banner template selected by you. Click "load" and adopt the agreement on provision of services from Microsoft. The template should at once begin to be loaded. Save it in easily memorable place on your computer. Wait for completion of loading.

4. Open the Word tool and click on the button in the upper left corner of the program. Select the New and Create from Existing function. In the appeared window pass to the saved file of a template on your computer. Select it and click on "OK". The new document received from a template of a banner which you loaded needs to be opened in Word now.

5. Configure a banner. Experiment with colors, styles of fonts and the sizes. Change or add the text and images so that your banner best of all represented the idea of which you try to inform. As soon as you finish, pass to the File and Save as function. Save it under other name on your computer so that you could get quickly access to a banner if to you to be necessary to do any further changes.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team