How to write a user name

How to write a user name

Modern technologies develop with great strides and the Internet is a part of this great process of technological evolution. To secure work of users on the Internet, thought up two words familiar to each net surfer: login (user name) and password. What is it? As well as where to enter it?


1. Think up to yourself a unique name and the password

For definition of on the Internet you should have a so-called login (or a nickname, from English "nickname") and the password.

The login is written with Latin letters and should not will repeat with other participants of a web resource. It is quite creative process which requires many efforts since the majority of names is already occupied. Addition of parts of your name with date of birth will become the simple solution, and perhaps received verbal combination will be free. For example, you are called Ivan Viktorovich Karasyov and you were born 12.10.1976. In this case not to forget future login, it is possible to try such options:

  • KarasevIV1976
  • IvanViktorovich1976
  • Karasev12101976

And for certain something from given above will appear freely.

Any combination from digits and Latin letters can be the password. Remember the password, and better somewhere write and do not show it to anybody.

2. Register a new user name

To visit the sites popular today (for example, VKontakte or "Schoolmates") and a great number of others it is necessary to undergo registration procedure. At first sight process can seem difficult, but actually it is very trivial.

Find on the website the link with the text "Registration" and pass on it. Fill all fields in the offered forms. Difficulties can arise with the E-mail field (or "Email"). If you have no mail, then it will need to be created (using the same login and the password) on one of free mail services, for example, of Gmail or

After filling of all fields click confirmation and following instructions of the website complete registration.

3. Enter on the website, using the created user name and the password.

For this purpose find the website two fields where it is necessary to enter what you created earlier.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team