How to write an ideal post for Instagram?

How to write an ideal post for Instagram?

Every day we read a set of posts on popular social network Instagram. But why some force to stop and read, and to pass others by?

And what it is an ideal post?

With the beautiful photo and the useful text? Or maybe, the text can be any, the main thing the photo?

Everything should be uniform. At first the beautiful selling photo, and then the informative text.So, the ideal post is :

1. Heading. In Instagram there are no usual headings as in newspapers or logs, but it does not mean that they should not be. People got used to them, they give short up-to-date information as the summary to the book or the movie. For heading use the 1st line or write it directly in the photo. But the 2nd option is possible only if your blog allows to use this format, and this post will not be beaten out from the general background.

2. Paragraphs. Long texts, high waters are good in course, but not in a post. Remember, nobody likes to read too long texts. Nobody wants to spend the time for nothing. Always separate paragraphs by blank lines that the reader easier perceived the text. Remember the work by Tolstoy ""War and peace"" as there was a wish to miss couple of pages because of complexity of the text. Not to separate paragraphs by different smiles, there are special boats in telegrams which all will make for you. The bot will place invisible characters and will not allow lines to part anyhow.

3. Pronouns. With the beginning select the address to the readers. Define your target audience. Understand what address to your subscribers it is pleasant to them more. When you contact them yours faithfully on ""you"" or when you talk to them as with close friends on ""You"". It is better to select uniform style and to adhere to it all the time.

4. Spelling. Of course, now people became more tolerant, and already not so strongly are indignant when you do innocent typos. But nevertheless it is better to check spelling on the special websites or in special applications once again.

5. Short offers. Do you like to write long florid offers that the beginning was on one page, and the termination on another? In Instagram the people will not undergo it. Long offers need to be divided into shorter and capacious. If the person lacks breath to read up up to the end, then the offer needs to be reduced.

6. Question for involvement. Old, but right reception. Why to write subscribers the comment if there is no question or poll? They read internally, agreed or not, and left further. And if you are interested in their opinion, then they with you it will share with pleasure. The principle works: we were asked - we answered. Communicate, involve people in a conversation, help them to get to talking.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team