How to write free SMS to Uzbekistan

How to write free SMS to Uzbekistan

Often there is a need to stay in touch with and close even if they are in other country. To send free SMS to Uzbekistan, you can use one of simple ways.


1. If you know telecom operator to which the subscriber for whom SMS is intended is connected, you can use function of free sending SMS from the official site of the supplier of service of cellular communication. Use search engine to find the official site of the operator. Use search by the website, or a site map to find a form of sending free SMS. Having passed to the page with a form, enter the subscriber number and the text of SMS. After that gather the test characters demonstrating to what you not the robot, and click ""send"".

2. You can also use sending SMS via messengers. In this case you should not know the operator to whom the subscriber necessary to you is attached, everything that is required - it is to download the client of ICQ or Mail.Ru the Agent. Let's consider sending messages on the example of the last. Visit the website then register on it e-mail. It is necessary for use of the messenger. Download the mail.agent installation file then install it and enter, using the login and the password used at registration of a mailbox for Add new contact to the contact list, using the Add button and after that having selected ""Add new contact for calls and SMS"". Enter number to which you will send messages. Keep in mind that when using this program it is simpler to write with Latin as at the same time you in a stock will have a bigger quantity of characters.

3. You can also use services of the websites providing service of free sending SMS. The scheme of work with them same, as well as when using the official site of the operator. You will need to select the operator of the subscriber to whom you send SMS and to enter the text in a form then it will be necessary to enter test digits. Big minus of use of these websites is that they do not guarantee 100% of delivery of SMS therefore can be considered only as spare option.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team