How to write messages to network

How to write messages to network

Earlier the written letters could be transferred only on paper. Now users communicate with the help of the special ICQ program, the agent of Mail.Ru or at a forum, on social networks. With the advent of the computer and the Internet it became easy to write messages to network.


1. Select the user to whom you awake to write the message. Click his name or an avatar. At the same time in some forums it is necessary to right-click, but not left. In the menu select the User profile button. You will appear on its page. Find near the account the button for sending the message. As a rule, such inscription is called "Send the message", "Write to the user" or something similar. Click it.

2. Enter a question in the Subject field which you wish to set. As usual, at forums this point is optional. However, if you write the unfamiliar user, then it is desirable to specify it that the message did not resemble spam. Then under a subject enter the text. You can attach the file of a different format to the message. It can be a photo, video, audio. Further click "Preliminary examination". View the written text and check it for errors. Then press "Send". The message will be sent to the user.

3. Load the program for transmission of messages. The most known messengers are ICQ, Skype. To transmit the message through these programs, it is necessary to have the registered account. Register and activate the account. If you want to write to the addressee in the program, for example, ICQ, then find its nickname in the list and click it 2 times with the left mouse button.

4. On the screen you will see a message box which is separated into two parts. In the top department of a window it is possible to observe messages of your friend and the sent messages. In the lower section you awake to write the text to the user. There are also additional functions where you can change the size and color of a font, to find different smilies and other icons. After the message is written, it is possible to send it, having clicked two times the ENTER key or by means of the Send button which is in the lower corner of a window.

5. Pay attention that the user all the same will receive the message if it is absent online. As soon as it is connected to ICQ, it will obtain your information.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team