How to write the complaint online

How to write the complaint online

The complaint represents the document in which the applicant reports about violation of its rights or legitimate interests by other person. Earlier for its giving it was necessary to carry personally the statement or to send it by mail. Now everything became much simpler – to visit enough the website of the organization and to leave the complaint in a special form.

It is required to you

  • The computer with Internet access.


1. Visit the official site of the organization or company to which you want to send the complaint. It is possible to find it via any search engine in the Internet, having entered correct the name.

2. Attentively study the website and find the active reference for sending the complaint or access. Usually it is called "A virtual reception" or "Complain", but can carry also other name. Today the websites of many private companies and all state organizations have such form of feedback.

3. Follow the link and fill free fields with the required information. There surely it is necessary to enter the surname, name, a middle name and the contact phone number, the postal address or the e-mail address where the answer can be sent. If not to make it, the system will not allow you to send access.

4. In the field for the message enter the text of the complaint. It should be written briefly and in essence, on the one hand - to capture the essence of illegal acts, with another – not to be the overloaded excess information and the more so emotions. And do not use obscene expressions or threats in the text at all. If you can, prove the complaint in terms of the law, having specified a certain violated articles.

5. At the end of such statement write accurately formulated requirements. That it is correct to make it, in advance think over what you want to achieve the complaint. Any your requirement should be based on the law, to be logical, specific and to exclude a possibility of ambiguous interpretation.

6. Attentively subtract the text on existence of spelling and other errors. Their presence can make an impression of insignificance of the complaint at the official.

7. In the form for sending the complaint there can sometimes be present be a protective kapcha. Enter characters in the nearby field. And then click "Send" or "Is ready". And your complaint will get to the addressee.

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