How to write the e-mail address

How to write the e-mail address

Be aware of news of the websites on which you are registered, to correspond, send to friends various files – these and many other functions e-mail performs. To begin to use it, it is enough to create the e-mail.


1. Registration procedure of e-mail will take several minutes the user. For what it will only be required to think up for e-mail the login and the password which are necessary for an entrance to an e-mail.

2. The login is a unique name of your e-mail, the first part of the e-mail address. Its uniqueness is defined by a mail service. If similar names are already available on the Internet, it will be offered to you to replace the name. If your address – only, you can safely create and use it an e-mail.

3. At first sight, it is simple to think up the login. But in practice it turns out that it is not so simple. It is necessary that the address of your mailbox was convenient, memorable and rather short. During creation of the name it is possible to use personal data, a surname, a name. At registration the system of a mail service will offer you for e-mail several available options based on the data specified earlier. You can select one of these names as the login or create the, having given a scope of own imagination.

4. Derivative parts of a surname, a name, a middle name, a nickname of pets can become the login. Add to them digit, the memorable dates, events. And the uniqueness of the login will be provided to you.

5. Also the name of an e-mail can be connected with a round of your classes, a profession, qualities of character, the place of residence. Various reductions and associations are welcomed too. For example, for the specialist of health sector working e-mail can look as follows: medraib2012@imya of your domain where the first part of the login "med" designates medicine, "rai" - regional, "b" - hospital, 2012 – year of establishment of a mailbox.

6. In the same key it is possible to experiment also with other fields of activity, names of the organizations in which you work other institutions. Try to translate the word which was pleasant to you into any foreign language. And it will pass in quality of the login too if such name is not used in network yet.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team