How to write the first website

How to write the first website

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Begin to design the first website - business which can do not to everyone. It is necessary to gain a set of knowledge, to think up a portal subject. But the master began each web with small. For everyone the website has definite purposes. With its help you will be able to earn, contribute in Internet community.


1. Study bases of writing of the websites. It, first of all knowledge of HTML and css. Language of a hypertext marking allows to set structure of future website. Tables of cascade styles are necessary for creation of special tables of design of all pages of the website. The best way to master these languages is videocourses. With their help you visually study all subtleties. During viewing try to perform operations at the same time. In creation of the websites the main thing - a practice.

2. Start to creation of the page. It is main and has the name index.php. Set the main tags and metatags. Further mark the page. It can be done in two ways. The first is creation of the table. Usually the page of the website has a cap, the left menu, a navigation bar, the lower part. For each element it is necessary to create the table. If you do not like to use tables, then execute a marking by means of div blocks.

3. Create the table of style. This file is created similar to the first and style.css is called, here you will set style for all your website. It is possible to write the table for separate elements. Do not forget to tie by means of a special tag the css file to the homepage of the website. Now you will be able to change design of all website via one file.

4. Open the homepage of your website in the browser. Working with the code of the website, give it the necessary form and a marking. All this becomes via the file of tables of style. Fill your website with text information through the code of the homepage. Create the images folder, it will be intended for graphic objects. After you finish with design of the text, start design of the website pictures. In the Photoshop program draw a beautiful cap for your page. Similarly fill all elements of the page.

5. Create new pages. By means of html write pages, the link to which will specify in the code main. Thus, you will expand the website. Not to repeat action on design, tie to it the file of tables of style. Now your first website is ready.

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