How to write the letter on the website to the president

How to write the letter on the website to the president

Each citizen has the right to contact the head of the state. To give access to the President of the Russian Federation, it is not obligatory to go to Moscow at all. Modern means of communication allow to make it online. There are several resources where it is possible to write the letter. Via the websites and social networks letters in which various problems rise are accepted.


1. Before contacting the head of state, file a complaint directly to the organization which is obliged to resolve an issue necessary to you. It can be a situation in the municipal sphere, in an education system, science, culture. Questions of defense, safety, protection of law and order and many other things enter competence of the President. The complaint in management company, Committee on Education, supervisory authorities can bring positive result. Anyway, in the organization where you contacted, are obliged to give you the written answer.

2. It is quite probable that your issue will be resolved also without intervention of the head of state or its administration. If it did not happen, scan the statement and the answer which to you was issued. They can be attached to the letter.

3. Come to the homepage of the presidential website. In the right lower column you will see the link "Official Network Resources of the President". Having clicked it, you receive the whole list of the websites and social networks. Find the reference "Send the Letter to the President" and come to this page. There you will find rules of drawing up access which it is necessary to study carefully. At the bottom of the page you will find the address for sending letters regular mail and the Send the Letter button. Click it and come to the following page.

4. On the page with which it is directly possible to send the letter it is possible to select in what view you would wish to receive the answer. Can write to you by e-mail or the normal letter. Put the end to the corresponding column.

5. Accurately fill out the questionnaire. It includes the most widespread questions which you for certain already answered at registration on the different websites or on social networks. You need to enter a surname, the name and a middle name, e-mail, the phone number, a social status, the country and the region.

6. Write actually access. Try to formulate very accurately and shortly a problem. The text of the letter should not exceed 2,000 signs. Other documents can be attached. But the size of attachment should not exceed 5 MB. Therefore try to optimize files before attach them to the letter.

7. After you send the letter, to you the answer should come from Presidential Administration that it is received and considered. A time later you receive the answer from structure which competence includes the solution of your question.

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