How to write the letter to the administrator

How to write the letter to the administrator

During the work on any Internet resource additional consultations of the administrator practically are always required. And from that, how competently and accurately you will formulate the question, so exact and correct will be the answer.

It is required to you

  • - Internet connection;
  • - electronic mailbox


1. If you during the work with the website had any problems (forgot the password for a login to the account, you want to change settings or personal data), then you can write the letter to the administrator.

2. Before writing the private message, look for the answer to the question in the heading "frequently asked questions" or "FAQ".

3. If all of you did not find the answer to the question, then can ask for the help the administrator. Usually it is possible to send the message through appropriate sections: "help", "support desk", "support".

4. Usually on the website there is a standard form of contacting support desk (Fig. 1).

Fill all fields without errors.

5. The message subject acts as often third point. In the graph "subject" accurately formulate heart of the matter. For example, if you cannot come into the account, then it is not necessary to write in a message subject "At me at an input on the website the frame "the incorrect login or the password" appears. This phrase can be replaced with an analog, exact, capacious on sense, "A problem with activation of the account".

6. Stating the text of a problem, observe chronology of events and logic of the narration. If you provide incomplete information or will formulate it unclear and tangled, then even the most qualified programmers will not be able to help you.

7. For example, if you lost a key file from payment service provider, remember what preceded this fact (for example, you reinstalled the operating system, as caused loss of keys). The indication of such important facts will help the staff of support desk to solve your problem more quickly.

8. If there was any process, unclear for you, which you cannot describe, then better make a screenshot and enclose to it letter. Having seen the image, and having studied it in detail, specialists in a short time will develop for you the set of guidelines.

9. And in the conclusion you can thank the administrator for the help and hope for the fastest solution of a question.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team