How to write the message of VKontakte to all at once

How to write the message of VKontakte to all at once

VKontakte, as well as on any other social network, exists a possibility of message exchange with friends. But sometimes there are such situations that at once all of them need to send the same message. For this purpose creators of the website thought up a message transmission function to all users who are in the list of your friends.


1. If you want to send the same text message to all the friends, for a start enter into social network. Include the Internet and use that search engine which is for you more preferable. Enter the text into the search string "VKontakte the homepage". Before you the list of the websites corresponding to criteria of the request set by you will open. In the top of this list there will be a website of VKontakte. Click the address of this website, and before you the page of an entrance to social network will open. In special lines enter your password and the login, thus, you include the account in this network.

2. In the center of the opened page your main photo is placed, to the left of it the menu "My Page", "My Friends", "My Photos", "My Videos", "My Audio Recordings", "My Messages", "My Groups", "My Answers", "My Settings", and on the right the main information on you will be located. To make the text message, come into the section "My Messages". Before yourself you will see a window in which all your dialogs are displayed. In the top of this window there is a Write the Message function. Click this inscription. This action you will open the new page at the top of which it will be necessary to specify the message recipient, and to below enter the text.

3. Enter the text of your message. Except the text, you can attach to it any document, audio or a video, the image or some other object. After you type the message, left-click in the graph "Recipient". You will see the list of your friends. Click any of them, and he will fill up the list of recipients of the letter. Near a name of this person in the graph "Recipient" the Add button will appear. Click it and select the following user. Make this procedure until select all friends necessary for you. Further you can send the message.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team