How to write to HTML the letter

How to write to HTML the letter

The letter which is competently made electronic by HTML considerably increases chances that will pay attention to your mailing. Such letters favourably differ from the normal text analogs.


1. Make the code of the letter independently. Refuse use of different visual editors as most of them inserts additional service lines which can cause in the addressee of a problem when viewing the letter. If to work in the editor for you more usual and more conveniently, delete the excess code after completion of drawing up HTML of the message.

2. You monitor width of the letter. It should be no more than six hundred pixels that the e-mail client correctly displayed the message, and the addressee had no need to constantly use horizontal scroll bar which is pleasant to not everyone. Remember that the view pane of the message occupies only a part of a window of the majority of e-mail clients.

3. Avoid background images. They can complicate reading the text of the letter, and the addressee will delete your message rather, than will begin to look narrowly at each word. Even the monophonic background without bright patterns can merge with color of a font and do the text unreadable.

4. Use external references for display of pictures in the message. Do not overload HTML the letter with the heavy, eating a lot of traffic images, spread them on any hosting better. Make sure that pictures will not be deleted from external storage too quickly that your letter could be read later in its original form.

5. Check the final version of your letter in several different e-mail clients. It will help to avoid the small defects capable to spoil an impression of all HTML of the message. Also view the letter on the websites of popular mail services, such as and Google Mail.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team