How to write to the person of VKontakte

How to write to the person of VKontakte

If earlier the people who are far apart communicated with each other by means of the letters written on paper, now they prefer to contact by means of the mobile phone and social networks.

It is required to you

  • - computer;
  • - Internet access.


1. If you want to write to the person registered by VKontakte for a start carry out registration on this social network. Registration takes place quickly. You specify all personal data in a special window, including a name, a surname, a floor, mobile phone number, e-mail and other information. Registration is confirmed by the message which comes to number specified by you. In this message you receive the code which you will enter, completing registration of VKontakte.

2. Now in a window of search enter a surname and a name of any your friend or acquaintance and send it the application in friends. Now, when the list of your friends will be replenished, you can write these users of the message. To send any text, audio- or a video to the friend, find it in the list of the friends and click his name. Before you the page of this user will open. At the left you will see the main photo of the person, and under it the button will be located: "Send the message". Press this button and you will see a dialog box into which you will enter any text desirable to you. In the lower left corner of this window you will see the following inscription: "Send", and in right: "Attach". If you need to send to the friend only the text, press the first button and if you want to send it any document, the song or video, press the second button. Select the Attach function, and you will see the following an inscription: "Photo", "Document", "Audio recording", "Video", "Map". Having selected one of functions, you will be able to send to the friend the message with the corresponding attachment.

3. Except message exchange with the friends, you can send messages and to other users of VKontakte who are not in the list of your friends. Find any user, open its page left click on his surname and a name. At the left, under the photo of the person, you will see an inscription: "Send the message". Having repeated the actions described above you will be able to write the letter to this user. However there are people who close access to message exchange for strangers. In that case try to send at first to such person the application in friends, and then already if he accepts it, write him messages.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team