How to write TZ on the website

How to write TZ on the website

As the initial document for design of a capital construction project, an interior, designing of the machine, the device, other engineering device, development of standards, information systems serves the specification (S). Make such document and for design of the websites.


1. Usually TZ on the website is formed in collaboration by the developer and customer of the website. For drawing up the correct specification, try accurately and with the maximum level of detailing to discuss future project with the customer. It will help you to provide a clear picture of the website which he wishes to see. In TZ the amount of works which is supposed to be executed at a development stage should be completely stipulated. The customer on the basis of the technical project will accept the ready website.

2. The specification should consist of several sections. It is necessary to begin with the purpose of creation of the website and its assignment. Briefly describe the enterprise of the customer: philosophy, the principles, sphere of activity, the occupied market segment. Specify what the website is necessary for, formulate the purpose which the organization with its help wishes to reach. In detail describe target audience: sex, age, preferences, geographical and social status of users of the website. Specify the most preferable visitors: clients, real and potential partners, buyers of online store, etc.

3. The following section – site content. Specify in it the list of materials and texts which will make content of the website, its filling. It can be data and articles about the company, articles about products, the photo. All the materials and texts, necessary for development of the website, are provided, as a rule, by the customer.

4. Specify necessary requirements to compatibility of the website with different browsers, to its design, a possibility of editing information and administration of the website in the section describing functionality. Describe a way of navigation on the website, having provided all necessary menus and tabs. For example, such: "registration" of "news", "action", menu item "products", "directory", "service", "reviews of products", "feedback", "invitation to cooperation", etc. Specify how any given tab of how many lines to consist a drop-down menu on what pages will give transitions according to specific links, etc. will work. Competently made specification will allow to provide accurately as the ready website after start will look, and it will accelerate and will facilitate process of its development.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team