How to write with Internet radio

How to write with Internet radio

With mass emergence of the Internet in houses and apartments, wide popularity radio stations to which it is possible to listen in the online mode through network began to enjoy. And favourite tracks and compositions became possible to be downloaded directly with radio now. The multimedia player will be our assistant in record of air of radio stations.

It is required to you

  • The Winamp mediaplayer, plug-in for record of audio from Streamripper radio stations.


1. Download and install a plug-in of "Streamripper". Start the Winamp mediaplayer. At start of a player the plug-in is started in the automatic mode. In the player select listeningsthe option radio.

Before starting record of the channel of radio on your computer it is necessary to configure this plug-in completely. In a window of a plug-in click "Options".

2. The new window in which you should expose all parameters of copying of music on the hard drive of your computer will appear. Pass to the Connection tab - check opposite to the TRY to reconnect to the stream if it drops point.

3. Pass to the following File tab and change the following values:

- in the field of "Output directory" it is necessary to select the folder in which files of broadcastings will be saved;

- check opposite to the Rip to separate files point - all record will be broken on tracks.

4. Pass to the following Pattern tab. On this tab expose only the name of your future audiofiles. Save all changes: click "Apply" and "OK".

In the main window of our plug-in it is necessary to click "Start". After clicking this button the record of an audio stream will begin with Internet radio. As soon as the necessary fragment is written, click "Stop".

5. Having completed record, pass into the folder specified in settings of a plug-in. The expected files of record of Internet radio will be result.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team