In what difference of the mails from

In what difference of the mails from

Most of people use not normal mail services today as in olden days, and modern e-mail. First, letters reach instantly. Secondly, there is no need to spend money for purchase of brands and envelopes. And thirdly, letter contents can always be reconsidered on the personal computer.

Today to understand the sea of electronic mail services and not to be lost in it not easy. So, many Internet users select the checked and reliable mail, but still there is a small percent which gives preference to and its features


The mail service of in respect of the organization of work differs in nothing from other mailers, all feature sets on creation and sending messages standard. But It should be noted that this service except providing mail services offers owners of the websites an opportunity through the resources to distribute to users the postal addresses.

If contacts the Internet, then it is possible to find data that the mail service of appeared a little earlier, than, and it initially was the commercial project.


As for mailbox volume, after registration it will increase on 1 MB a day. Also there are such sets of services as a possibility of readdressing of mail, the address book, the filter of messages and the notification on arrival of letters on other mailbox.

In addition, supports POP3 and SMTP for providing work to an opportunity through email clients. Also it should be added that a mail service of paid service therefore it is worth selecting whether it is necessary to pay you for mail or is better to use the free postal address. - features in work from the first days of registration offers the user more than 10 GB of free space that will allow not to delete letters and to store all important documents, unlike where the size of a mailbox will be increased over time.

In a mail service of the excellent system of search which will allow to find quickly and easily the necessary information is organized. And with labels and filters any user will be able to configure the correspondence very conveniently.

With the built-in chat the user of will manage to execute correspondence through the Google Talk program or through Jabber.

As well as, the mail service supports POP3, SMTP and IMAP. But its free use and almost total absence of advertizing remains the main advantage of In addition, in this mail service the possibility of video or voice communication is implemented. Service from Google free, besides, it is integrated into devices on base the android.

At the end It should be noted that and is absolutely different mail services and only the user on the discretion can select what mail it is more convenient to it to use.

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