Mobile Internet: what operator select

Mobile Internet: what operator select

The mobile Internet today – any more not luxury and not a whim, and it is rather a need. Modern mobile devices allow to browse in full pages in the browser, to communicate on social networks, to play also many other things, even being in the country on a picnic or at the dacha.

In whom to trust

In the market of mobile communication of the competition it is high. Each of operators tries to improve quality of the provided services, in connection with these constantly they enter different innovations.

First of all when choosing the operator for the mobile device it is necessary to know, the cover zone of the Internet in that area in which you live is how steady or you plan to use it. The cover zone is meant as the territory in which a signal of the Internet stable and uninterrupted. It depends first of all on the number of the base stations which are in this territory. The largest mobile network operators – Beeline, Megafon and MTS – have everywhere stable cover zones.


The most reasonable prices for rates of the mobile Internet are offered by the operator of MTS. However most often the speed of the provided Internet does not correspond to stated.

Megafon has a quality of service, according to users, above several times. And rates for the Internet are low too. In principle, one may say, that the quality corresponds to the posted price. However after the termination of traffic the speed at once considerably decreases that does not allow to use the Internet fully.

The best quality is provided by Beeline operator provided that you are in a zone of a stable covering of network. But also rates more expensive. Are ready to pay for the Internet much – this operator will suit you as well as possible.

For record

When choosing the operator providing the mobile Internet it is worth paying attention, how far from your house there are service centers for customer service. It is always more convenient to handle the arisen problem directly to the consultant and to receive the timely help, than for hours to call in support desk of any given operator.

Rather recently appeared mobile operator the Body 2 also strongly took the positions among the leading operators. Among its pluses – the low cost of rates in general, including on the Internet. But at the same time frequent failures in work of the Internet as the cover zone of this operator is still not so stable become essential minus and it is possible to expect it, only being within the city.

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