Project manager: what knowledge and abilities needs to be had

Project manager: what knowledge and abilities needs to be had

The position the project manager meets in the different industries: construction, trade, insurance, in the IT companies. At this position of people controls execution of work as a command and is responsible for the end result.

Today project managers are rather demanded in the companies which are engaged in information technologies.

Features of a profession

The project manager in the IT sphere is a non-technical position, the main duty of the worker is bringing the project to end in a certain time, using at the same time all available resources.

Quite often people who have experience as the tester or front developer are appointed to a position. Except professional knowledge and abilities, the employee should be:

  • responsible, positive and sociable,
  • be able to make independently decisions;
  • interact with each member of the team;
  • define and to correctly place priorities;
  • plan stages of implementation of the project in general;
  • it is competent to carry out control;
  • to quickly solve the arisen problems.

Tasks which need to be able to be solved

To build a career of project manager, it is necessary to be able to plan the project, to organize, configure and motivate a command, to contact to the customer. The tasks set for the manager can be separated into tactical and strategic. Tactical tasks consist in daily planning and the organization of work of personnel for effective work. Strategic tasks consist in definition of stages of work for achievement of a common goal.

Belongs to duties of the project manager:

  • scheduling of implementation of the project and coordination of terms;
  • choice and statement of a command;
  • division of the project into separate stages and fixing to everyone of the performer;
  • identification of necessary resources for implementation;
  • identification and scoring of the priority directions and organization of work;
  • tracking execution of stages of work and project in general;
  • solution of possible conflict situations;
  • communication with the customer, informing it about work flow, the demoversion presentation.

Applicants who are able to make quickly decisions will cope with the listed above duties, to organize and coordinate work. 

The person should be ready:

  • to new projects,
  • to need to come into contact with new customers;
  • to irregular working hours;
  • take the responsibility for possible misses of a command.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team