"Skins ""Maynkraft"" for girls"

"Skins ""Maynkraft"" for girls"

Very popular "sandbox" of Minecraft - a game, certainly, men's. In it it is possible to feel also the getter, and to battle against spiteful monsters. However the aforesaid does not mean as if the fair sex does not like to be engaged in "maynerstvo". Girls in a game quite often like to look and guys achieve in it time not smaller success, than. At the same time great ladies even in "Maynkraft" sometimes want to show the identity.

It is required to you

  • - suitable skin
  • - special plug-ins


1. If you believe as if in an above-mentioned game the character of any gamer accepts exclusively male shape, hurry up to make sure of the return. When you aim to look for the skins created especially for girls, you will find their not one dozen or even several hundreds. Besides, you will be able easily to install any pleasant from them for itself in a game, and under some conditions it will take only couple of moments.

2. Being an owner of the licensed version of Minecraft, you can esteem yourself inexpressibly happy as the above-stated actions will be for you especially simple. Select the skin emphasizing not only your sex, but also strong personality on any of appropriate resources, click the Add to minecraft.net button near it. So you secure this skin not only in a single game offline, but also online on any "maynkraftovsky" server on which you will wish to register.

3. When you have "pirate", download at first the file with a skin on the computer (or other similar device if you play from it) then rename this document into char.png. Then open the minecraft.jar through the archiver, find in it the above-stated file and replace it, newly created. Now you can come into a game. However soon you will notice - thanks to other players - that they do not see your new shape: it is available only to your own look. Therefore get a license game better.

4. Select a skin on individual preferences. If you are eager to emphasize what you the cutie, can stop on shape of "lololoshka". There are several options of such image, but each of them is very nice. White with black and turquoise small squares will show to other players what you the stylish and modern little girl. You can also choose shape of the cutie in pink - and your blue eyes in a border of black eyelashes will win the heart not of one guy - "miner".

5. When you are a lover of flora and fauna, for you the mass of skins of different animals is offered at choice. You are free to choose for yourself shape of a female panda (in different options - and at least in one case on your character only something will be put on like the closed swimsuit), cats (perhaps, after that from you kriper will run up?), bear cub, etc. In other cases you will find also more neutral images - little girls in a baseball cap, a checkered blazer and a blue miniskirt or in a dark jacket and pink boots, the gamer in a turquoise-black suit, etc.

6. If you do not wish to make at others an impression of "nyashechka", and you are eager to be perceived only as the skillful player in Minecraft, you can emphasize also it with the choice of the corresponding image. For example, put on yourself a skin of Ender-devochki (black with violet) - and then very few people will begin to perceive you lightly. Wishing to warn other gamers that it is better not to approach you, select shape of "fire" (with red hair, orange eyes and clothes with the corresponding color gamma). Try also the little girl-kripera skin - and, perhaps, you have fairly fun, watching reaction of other gamers.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team