Skyrim: as how?

Skyrim: as how?

"Skyrim" - the fourth game of a The Elder Scrolls series from the Bethesda company narrating about adventures on snow-covered open spaces of the province of the same name. And again against heroes there are magic beings, forces of nature and hundreds of terrible enemies.


Your hero - great Drakonorozhdenny, the electee having the unique gift to use language of dragons and thus to win against them "Skyrim". Considering that dragons wakened again and turn over mountains and valleys, burning out all live and destroying the whole cities, you appear as it is impossible more in due time and go hiking behind the head of their leader.

Except the base story line, in a game there are a lot of collateral tasks - each city offers you the internal history related to governors-yarlami, battle of imperial legions with the risen Brothers of the Storm, small tasks of inhabitants and, of course, the next secret plans of princes of Daedr which they embody hands of the followers. As well as in all other games of a series, tasks of all main secret guilds, such, for example, as the Dark Brotherhood and guild of thieves allowing to receive unique sets of armor are available to you.


Installation of a game

Installation of "Skyrim" happens via the Steam system, the manager and at the same time electronic shop of games therefore now it is not necessary to buy a disk with a game - to you will be to create the account in a system enough, to acquire the electronic version of a game and to activate the code of purchase in a personal account. After that the program will be able to install a game, downloading its files from the Internet.

Here it is possible to install the official modifications and additions created by hands of users - thanks to fans a game constantly receives new content in the form of additional quests, graphic improvements and changes, new partners for the main character and other pleasant bonuses.

Game process

The game "Skyrim" represents classical role-playing game in which you develop the character, receive new skills, battle against the enemies by means of magic and weapon and communicate with all who meet to you on the way. Your character owns many professions, for example alchemy, blacksmithing, leatherworking - but for receiving really good things it will be required to create not one dozen objects more simply.

The fighting system allows you to select style of play, suitable you - it can be also the hero swordsman battling in about ten zombies at the same time, both the shooter-sniper, and the magician who is behind backs of the called beings.

Game uses the principle of the open world - you can go where want, to take any tasks and to investigate surrounding open spaces without any restrictions. Among mountains and on coast of the rivers, wild animals and crabs are found, alchemical herbs and mushrooms grow, hunters meet and sometimes there are new story lines which are specially intended for researchers.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team