We generate the ideas for writing articles

We generate the ideas for writing articles

Fight against the phenomenon of ""blank sheet"" - a usual thing for any copywriter. But there comes the moment when not only you cannot begin to write, but also do not know about what. From where to take the ideas which will help you to begin to generate subjects for the materials?

At the very beginning of acquaintance to the copywriter's profession everyone faces a problem - what to write about. While you have no constant customers and orders skill it is necessary to develop therefore many copywriters write articles for sale. But in such cases a blank sheet of the vordovsky document - a commonplace. When you begin to look for on the Internet information on how to write article or how to find a subject for article, there are materials about the choice of some niches. And words about how it is possible to pick up a subject. But everything is much simpler. Nobody requires an expertize from you. And for sale it is possible to select plain texts which will be demanded at the exchanges. So from where to take the ideas?

Idea of N1. Descriptions of movies

It is very popular subject. Descriptions of the new products which just came out or the preview to yet not appeared movies skupatsya within a week. Do you know why? Now there are a lot of websites with movies which need descriptions to attract visitors. And the unique summary allowing the website to appear in a top is for this purpose necessary.

What should I do: take the list of movies which appeared for half a year-year. You watch the first minutes of the 20th movie and you do the summary. First, this unique description, secondly, it about new. Descriptions of old movies will not be bought from you.

Try, it will be pleasant to you!

Idea No. 2. Transkribation of video files

Let's begin with what is a transkribation. Let you be not frightened by this word. Transkribation - transfer of a sound audiotrack in the text. For example. you looked at interesting transfer or video and wanted to write about it article. Nobody gives author's transfers by a written language therefore you can quite have unique article.

The same concerns also amateur videos with master classes in construction, knitting and other. If the author did not rewrite all the speech under video, at you in hands the treasure is simple! For master classes, by the way, it will even be relevant to make screens with video and to attach them on article. But do not forget about copyright. The video source should be specified in all cases.

By the way, the transkribation is another type of earnings. On different sites look for people who will be able audio or video to gather in the form of the text. No, it is not a divorce. Pay for it. If you doubt, then work with such customers through the exchanges. 

Idea No. 3. Actually master classes

Do you like to sew, prepare, to knit, do something by the hands? If you do not grudge the techniques and secrets, then it is possible to sell favourably them. Here is option two:

  • sell on the specialized websites to persons interested to repeat your experiment;
  • sell once to the customer.

To carry out the first option, you should have rather untwisted account where beginners come to get experience. Most often so seamstresses do or those who knit a hook or needles drag toys. Because in this sphere the people can make the author's toy, clothes, an accessory according to own developed scheme. The second option is suitable for recipes, construction more. Here nobody will specially buy from you the instruction. It will be easier for you to sell such article that it was in free access of readers.

If you decided to be engaged in master classes, consider that it is the detailed step-by-step instruction with photos. Pictures should be unique, that is are executed by you in the course of work, high quality. The more evident and detailed material, the best of all and more expensively respectively. All steps will need to be painted and soprovozhdit the picture.

Idea No. 4. Articles problems

These are materials which help to resolve an issue. The better it is formulated in heading, the it will be simpler to find to the customer your article. As to think up this question?

1. Solve for yourself in what subject to you it will be simplest to implement itself – construction, psychology, house/life, children, cars, carriages, clothes, learning languages, cinema, beauty. Solved? Went further.

2. In any sphere select a subject about which you want to write. That is break for yourself subject into points.

3. Article can begin with: 5 councils for … / 15 movies with … / 16 ways, that … / 8 nuances in …. / 7 wrong actions, which … / 8 steps to …. (please, consider that it is only examples for generation of the name, use the practices).

4. Also articles problems can begin with questions: what should I do? how? when? From them it is possible to begin to generate the name too (What to do if teeth turned yellow? How to delete a beet spot? When it is possible to collect oak branches for a broom?)

So, what on a result should turn out:

Subject layer: Beauty

Points: body, hair, face, skin, eyelashes

Questions: how to make, 7 councils for, 8 steps to how to look after

What subjects can we make?

7 councils for oily skin. 8 steps to ideal hair. How to look after eyelashes? How to make with own hands of a face pack.

Write the turned-out subjects, write on them articles and offer for sale. By the way, in time of writing of articles you will want to open in more detail any given question, so new subjects will appear! Write them. 

Idea No. 5. How to think up a subject for author's articles

Of course, articles problems are relevant always, but experienced authors or professionals in any field of activity have a need for writing of own material. Believe, and the pro have "problems". How to win against them? Create for yourself a matrix in which it will be specified for whom material is written. It will allow to distribute more accurately subjects of articles, and at once there is a range of problems which should be opened.

Specify this range of problems in each section. Here is how the matrix can look:

  • for clients (your achievements on what project you worked that new was learned);
  • for colleagues (receptions in work and an innovation in your sphere, your own know-how about which it is not a pity to tell);
  • for pupils/beginners (an explanation of bases of a profession, a perspective in sphere terminology);
  • for those who at all not "in a subject" (the general articles about a profession with the purpose to attract audience, to attract interest of public, "warm up").

It is the approximate scheme which works. Right there new thoughts will begin to arise. Too paint each of subparagraphs in this matrix. At you rather big table which it will be possible to fill up, note already written subjects will turn out.

Generally the problem of a blank sheet arises only in the beginning creations of the blog (page/maintaining the account) because your readers will ask later questions, and more and more subjects for lighting will appear.

One more very important rule - will morally be prepared for work: free up a work space, eat, make all affairs that distracted nothing you.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team