What are games - war simulators

What are games - war simulators

Would you like to appear on real war? If yes, that for you is FPS-Tactical Shooter genre, or "the war simulator". This genre differs from all other games FPS shooter in the fact that here huge scales of the card and it is possible to deploy global military operations which are quite comparable with the real conflicts. In these games it is possible to manage, helicopter, plane and other types of the equipment. You can be killed with one bullet. The most important in these games are team interactions of groups.

Game Operation Flashpoint

A founder of a genre of FPS-Tactical shooter and the creator of this game is the Czech studio Bohemia Interective.

The game Operation Flashpoint has the special version for trainings of soldiers of armies of the USA. This version of a game was released in August, 2001. And the Ministry of Defence of armies of the USA writes positive reviews about a game.

Actions of a game take place at the time of Cold War. In a game two fractions: it is U.S. Army and army of the Soviet Union.


In the simulator of war Opearation Flashpoint there is a single game, cooperative scripts and a multiplayer. Cards in a game large-scale: towns, villages, huge forest spaces and steppes. Set of the various equipment: from "UAZ" and "Hummers" to helicopters, but the main time of a game you will be infantry.


All essence of this game - the built-in editor, using who, you can create scripts, maps for a multiplayer and many other things. Thanks to it, a game "is still alive" and attracts with it people, and to a game term not small - is more than 10 years.

Military Armed Assault simulator

The game Armed Assault - the lineal heir of the game Operation Flashpoint from the same Bohemia Interective developers.

The game Armed Assault was released in 2007. In this simulator there are real prototypes of the equipment, such as cars, Abrams T-72 and M1A1 tanks. There is air equipment which needs to be mastered and studied separately.

Gameplay in this game did not change. Actions take place already in the modern world where the main enemy - terrorists. The military operations are conducted in the fictional country under the name Chernorussiya.

The card is made much more on the area, in it the quantity of unique locations, for example, airfield increased. Graphics changed to the best, but the graphic engine in this game is unstable as there are "bugs". A game is not optimized. Armed Assault is generally designed for a multiplayer and cooperative, a single game is present, but it looks against the background of other modes blankly and is uninteresting.

Armed Assault and Operation Flashpoint - in own way unique projects in which the ideas of realism of military operations are embodied. Still any game did not repeat similar success and recognition in this genre. These two games went the own way, but not towards a kinematografichnost and simplified nature, and towards realism and hardcore.

Fans wait from developers that they wrote the new graphic engine as old - ten-year prescription - any more does not approach under modern standards of graphics.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team