What browser the most convenient

What browser the most convenient

Convenience of the browser – a concept subjective, however most often Internet users wish that the websites opened quickly, there was an opportunity to change design to the taste, and the program ran smoothly. The possibility of installation of additions and expansions for increase in functionality and safety is also important. The Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Google Chrome browsers are the most popular in Russia.


1. Google Chrome. For the first time Google Chrome became available to users in 2008. Google actively advertized this browser, and users quickly evaluated all its advantages. First, Google Chrome 2-3 times faster loads pages, than preset in any version of Windows Internet Explorer. Secondly, the browser is rather stable. If there is a failure, then only one page, but not all program is closed. Thirdly, Google Chrome is regularly updated. Developers constantly reveal and close gaps in the code. The user has an opportunity to synchronize content, including bookmarks, with other computers, laptops and also with devices on the basis of Android. One more undoubted plus of the browser from Google is a large number of expansions for adding of certain functions. On the basis of Google Chrome also other browsers, including Yandex Browser are developed.

2. Opera. The Opera browser is known to Internet users since 1996. Not minimalist, but also shouting it it is impossible to call design of the program. Design in general pleasant, the interface it is possible to configure to the taste. Having installed the browser you already have the built-in torrent client, the client for e-mail, RSS-reader. If the file in the PDF format is uploaded to any website, then Opera will open it without use of any third-party utilities. In the program the caching function perfectly works and also an opportunity to turn off loading of images is implemented. These two parameters are extremely important that who has a low speed of the Internet. Besides, in "Opera" is turborezhy which squeezes the incoming traffic.

3. Alas, the browser has one very essential shortcoming. Opera in some cases strongly loads random access memory, the program hangs up. It is possible to solve this problem only in one way: cause a task manager, select in the Processes tab of Opera.exe and click "Complete process". The program will be closed, and for further work it will be required to be restarted.

4. Mozilla Firefox. Mozilla Firefox – one of the most popular browsers in RuNet. In basic set is only necessary for opening of the websites at least of functions. However users can expand functionality, having enabled additions. At the moment 3,787,088,561 expansions are uploaded to the website Firefox. Among them there are also plug-ins for advertizing blocking, and plug-ins for improvement of the interface, and the plug-ins facilitating loading of files, reading news, implementation of purchases on the Internet. Mozilla Firefox works rather steadily, quickly loads pages. If you noticed that the browser freezes up, so you installed too many extensions.

5. Safari. This browser was developed by the same people, as Apple iOS. At the moment Safari is considered one of the best programs protecting the user from harmful content and information leakage. Safari is very popular with owners of devices of Apple as the system of synchronization of content between the browser and gadgets is debugged almost ideally. Among advantages of Safari it is possible to note stability and reliability. In the program initially there are RSS-Reader and a QuickTime player. If necessary it is possible to download expansions. Alas, "Safari" not always correctly displays web pages.

6. Internet Explorer. The joke is widespread in RuNet: Internet Explorer – the browser which is used for downloading of other browsers. The fact is that this program is by default installed in any Windows operating system. Among advantages of the browser it is possible to note the simple interface and a powerful security system. At Internet Explorer of 5 safety zones. Their user can configure to the taste. Parents who wish to prohibit the children to visit certain sites can expose the corresponding settings in IE. At Internet Explorer there are a lot of shortcomings. Most important of them – sluggishness. Besides, that it is more or less comfortable to work on the Internet through IE, it is necessary to spend a lot of time for its setup.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team