What fastest browser

What fastest browser

Today it is already difficult to provide the person who at least once did not go on-line. The network gets acquainted with news, download music, programs, video, communicate with friends on social sites, by means of e-mail exchange files and documents. But to work with the Internet it was simpler and more convenient, it is necessary to install the good and fast browser on the computer.

Now there is the whole ruler of Internet observers. What of them the fastest, we will try to understand. Vendors of special programs constantly improve the children, trying to make them the most bright and to increase their performance, to increase safety, speed of loading of images and video. And regularly test applications on competitiveness with analogs of observers of other companies. Tests suit the most different. For example, check the speed of cold and warm boot of the browser after start of the operating system, after restart of the browser, measure the speed of rendering of CSS, the diagram, tables, speed of a cache and many other things.

The new Amigo browser by means of which you will be able always to be aware of the events which are taking place at your friends in "Schoolmates", VKontakte will be suitable for social networks.




The free Opera browser became the leader among products. He received arrangement of users for high-speed performance, the clear interface, high functionality and a weight more of useful qualities, such as possibility of loading and saving separate pages and files, sending e-mail. Now preference of Opera is given by a considerable part of users of Internet observers. Opera by right occupies one of leading places.

Mozilla Firefox – in work too it is not bad

Mozilla Firefox or "young fox" as it is tenderly called by PC users, accelerates access to the most popular pages by means of the bookmarks bar. Prost, is convenient, fast in work. And its interface resembling IE can become a good alternative for those who got used to the standard Internet observer

Well proved in K-Meleon network. It is fast, powerful and does not "eat" a lot of random access memory. As a result work with this browser turns into pleasure.


Google Chrome

The Google Chrome browser - relatively young, but from it not less demanded. Almost third part of all users gives preference to this new. Loading speed at it one of the best. Besides, to find the necessary information it is enough to set search option, a key phrase directly in an address bar. Besides, in the browser different hints which make work on the Internet easier more conveniently work.

SRWare Iron

On the basis of Chromium one more good and very fast browser open source - SRWare Iron is created. Speed of its work is caused also by that, in it it is possible to block advertizing and pop-up windows easily. And it is an important factor too.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team