What free antivirus can be downloaded on the laptop

What free antivirus can be downloaded on the laptop

Very important during the work on the computer/laptop to observe the basic principles of safety especially at constant Internet connection. One of the main points of it is installation of an antivirus (the special program for protection against harmful viruses, spam and hackers).

At constant use of the Internet it is necessary to install an antivirus on the laptop. He is as paid, and to a possibility of free downloading. For himself it is necessary to solve what you want to be protected from and what aims at the same time you pursue.

If just occasionally you use the help of search engines or sometimes you communicate with friends/colleagues and you do not store any important information, then you quite will have also the simplest antivirus without excess functions. For this purpose quite the Avira Free Antivirus program will approach, she eats few resources, easy and rather well executes protection.


In general, free antiviruses there are more than ten. Avast Free Edition enjoys special popularity. Too rather easy, but at the same time functional and rather reliable. The only thing - at it sometimes works false alarm.

Leaders are also among Microsoft Security Essentials, Comodo Antivirus, AVG Antivirus Free, Panda Cloud Antivirus and others. It is rather easy to set them - you visit their official site and you download the program, and further you follow the installation instruction. After all this on the control panel there will be an icon which shows that your laptop under protection.

There is no difference in an antivirus between the laptop and the computer, it depends directly on the operating system and characteristics. At installation of protection it is necessary to make sure in what system this program works. And also you should not install several antiviruses at once - they can begin to be at enmity that can complicate or in general stop system operation.

If you are engaged in more difficult operations, including financial (you register online payments, you use the translations, etc.), then it is necessary to put protection more reliably. It will already be paid (the same Avast Internet Security, Kaspersky, Doctor Web, etc.) though too there are options of free use - downloading of a trial version for 30 days, search of activation codes on the special websites. But at official installation you will have a guaranteed support from the website vendor.

You should not save on such things, otherwise it is possible to lose much more.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team