What is a fake

What is a fake

What only a word you will not meet on open spaces of worldwide network. One of often found words — "fake", also use it at the slightest pretext. Not always it is possible to understand that was meant by the author who applied this word. And it, though sounds not in Russian, but is very expressive, and is simple to understand its value.

Origin of the word "fake"


The word "fake", as well as is a lot of others, came to us from English. Fake is meant by a forgery, a fake. Initially the word was used only floating around the Internet, but subsequently its use went beyond network. Now the word can be heard also in a normal talk.

In the broadest sense the fake is any false thing which is tried to be given for real. Most often these things belong to the Internet or at least just to young people.


Writing "fake", and "фэйк" meets as.


Fakes on the Internet

The most popular kind of a fake — fake accounts in social networks. If you enter in the search string, for example, into VKontakte any name about which there is article in Wikipedia, then at once will see dozens of accounts. If near a name there is no confirming tick, then probably these accounts fake.

Fake accounts can be kept not only on behalf of the famous people. Often they are brought to participate in discussions or to enter to someone into a correspondence, without revealing the present account and a real name. Quite often, for example, register profiles of beautiful girls to laugh at guys who will want to get acquainted with them.

Fake files meet. For example, the reference to video of any movie is given, and it turns out that according to it other file was downloaded. There is a risk to download and install virus files therefore when downloading programs it is necessary to be careful.

In the fraudulent purposes the websites fakes are used. They completely copy design of the original website and contain the similar address different from the present on 1-2 letters. By means of fake (they are called still phishing) the websites swindlers can steal passwords from your accounts or even money from bank accounts.

Fakes are called the photos and videos made by means of programs of mounting, but issued for the presents. For example, the video as the person passes on foot through the river or just like that fly by air.

It is not necessary to confuse concepts a fake and feyl. These are different things.


Fakes offline

Quite often fakes call counterfeit clothes and accessories. For example, the clothes with signature logos but made in local conditions - handbags, points, footwear and so forth.

Besides, drugs, products and anything can be fake. The word is applicable not only to things. Documents, actions (which actually were not) and so on can appear fakes. Everything what deception is the cornerstone of. But for these concepts there are more exact synonyms, and the word "fake" nevertheless more in relation to the Internet.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team