What is an overkloker

What is an overkloker

Overkloker – the user forcing the PC to work to the limit. Such improvement significantly reduces the term of its operation. Does not save even application of the cooling system.

Overkloker – the person overestimating CPU frequency several times is higher than its opportunities by the passport. It is possible "to accelerate" the machine due to increase in the given tension, the frequency of work of memory or the bus and installation of new drivers.

Need for an overkloking appears when the car bought a few years ago becomes outdated, and to change it for new there is no desire and an opportunity. And then the overkloker artificially improves operation of the PC.


What types of "acceleration" happen


At a factory view the vendor releases all necessary components itself, having a little increased their parameters. The user acceleration provides actions only of the overkloker. Here everything will depend already on opportunities of the user and his desires. He can select a minimum of parameters which are responsible for acceleration, or to stop on automatic acceleration, acting through a softina or Bios of the motherboard. Such acceleration assumes increase in frequency of the front-side bus without change of other settings.

At a reasonable way the user significantly increases clock speed, without reaching extreme values. At the same time the machine can long work in such mode, and without stopping. For the embodiment of desires in life both Bios, and program methods can be used. And it is possible, without philosophizing crafty, to arm with the soldering iron and to change the frequency of the clock generator, multipliers of the minor devices accelerating together with the bus, the processor supply voltage, its architecture and special parameters of a certain chipset. In addition, the frequency of random access memory, depending on the front-side bus, and timings can be subjected to change. Quite often turned out "oven" needs the reliable cooling system.

At an extreme type of acceleration the overkloker increases computer operation parameters to incredible values. Here definitely not to do without cooling system. For this purpose use freonny cooling, a liquid vacuum, liquid helium, liquid nitrogen, cascade systems and others. But even it will not save the machine from need of replacement of fake iron.

Medal back

Such technical improvement requires increases in tension. Together with temperature increase the term of life of the PC is reduced in direct ratio to overestimate. Therefore in several years of such work it is necessary to buy the new computer.

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