What is cloudy faylokhranilishche

What is cloudy faylokhranilishche

Cloudy faylokhranilishche – the great service allowing to store data in the Internet and to synchronize them on several computers. Today there are many options of this service, the choice depends on your opportunities and requirements.


Cloud file storages appeared in 2007 and from next year became available to everyone. Thanks to distribution of the Internet, millions of people who appreciated the comfort provided to them became users of this service. Every year limit volume everything increases by data storage, new functions and actions appear.

The cloud storage gives an opportunity to the user to keep on the space some files, as a rule, several gigabyte free of charge (to increase a limit, there is a paid subscription). To attract new users and to get profit, the companies offer different actions: for participation and a victory in competitions, involvement in the system of new participants, users receive discounts for a license fee or additional volume of free space on a disk.


Among useful functions cloudy faylokhranilishch: file synchronization between computers, access through mobile applications, an opportunity to restore remote files within a month. It is possible to provide an information access to other users and even jointly to work on files.

Physically data can be stored on the basis of a cloud service or at the expense of the place on the winchester of users. The second option is convenient for those whose computer works online at least several hours a day. Files are stored on computers of users in encrypted form and, the more there is in network a participant, the more there will be for it a size of the free account on a cloud.

Selecting the cloud storage for the needs, it is necessary to consider operating environment, the number of the place at registration, the cost of the monthly and annual account, specialization on different types of files (for documents, images, video or music) and existence of additional opportunities.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team