What is e-mail

What is e-mail

For quite some time now for many users of personal computers there was available e-mail as a means of exchanging messages. In it the foundation of mail, usual for all, is laid, namely: writing of the text of the letter, its sending and receiving by the addressee. However, now it can be done much quicker, without leaving because of a desktop.


1. Great advantage of e-mail is the efficiency of actions, i.e. the sent letters reach for read seconds. It should be noted that when sending a large number of invitations electronic ""pigeon"" will make it much quicker, and with the report on the done work.

2. For sending electronic messages it is necessary to install the special software, for example, of Microsoft Outlook Express, The Bat! etc., or it is required to use the e-mail by means of the web interface — in this case to you the web browser.

3. Then you should register on the website of one of the existing e-mail servers. Make a choice between Mail.ru, Gmail.com and Yandex - it is services for work with e-mail most popular today. Having received the login and the password you can enter a control interface of the account, i.e. start writing of letters.

4. As an example the Gmail service will be used. Click "Write the Letter" (the name of buttons for other services can be other). In the opened window it is necessary to fill three empty fields. In the field to "Whom" specify the addressee of the letter which format will be following "This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.". If you send the letter to the e-mail address of Gmail service, the сайт.ру value will change on gmail.com. For sending the letter to several addressees click the link "Add the Copy".

5. The heading of the letter is written in the following empty field "Letter Subject". It should be noted that this field is recommended to be filled anyway — it gives to your news informational content. The letter without subject can easily be included in the Spam folder at the addressee (advertizing and other messages).

6. The text of the message is entered in the last empty field. Also you can copy in this field the text from any document, having used a sheaf "copy-insert" (Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V). Click the link "Attach the File" to send together the letter of attachment of any type. For sending several documents thus, it is recommended to pack initially them into archive, having used free program 7Zip.

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