What is fayerbol

What is fayerbol

The image of a fiery ball or sphere won the place in the sun long ago. There is no uniquely identifying that it fayerbol or in translation from English – a fiery sphere. It both natural phenomena, and famous rock groups, and examples from cinema. Therefore it should be taken into account all this to provide in general, this concept is how widespread.

Cinema, music, another …

One of the most known phenomena in cinema is the film "Fiery Sphere" shot with Marylin Monro's participation in far 1950. On a plot a certain Johnie Kasar runs from the house because of constant humiliations from peers for its growth and not too athletic constitution. Gradually it finds itself(himself) in a command of rollers where receives the nickname "Fayerbol".

In music, at least, two manifestations of "a fiery sphere" are known. The first is the album of the British Deep Purple group which left in 1971 and the single of the Japanese rock group of the same name. Besides:


The fiery sphere "was lit" also in science where his name is called special the quark-glyuonnaya plasma which managed to be received on the accelerator of particles.

One of the processors created by the Motorola company was called Fireball. Interestingly, but one of fighters of times of World War II was called quite so. Also it was issued Americans. If you do not know such dangerous entertainment as a fire show, it is time to get acquainted with it. And with one of the tricks executed by desperate people which carries the name which is taken out in the title of article.

Fayerbola in computer games became widespread. Here they are connected with magic, otherworldly forces, special abilities of kind and angry wizards and also any evil spirits of the highest level.

And if to take 20 ml of cognac, 20 ml of orange liqueur and 40 ml of vodka and also to add to this mix 20 ml of lemon juice, 20 ml, sugar syrup, as much orange juice and 60 ml not of strong champagne – to mix, in a big glass, to add ice and a tax – it will turn out … possibly, you already guessed.

And, at last, to fans of flowers such type of hybrids of rhododendrons as Fayerbol is well-known.

Fiery balls everywhere

Fayerbola got practically into each niche of human life. And still, their principal value is connected with otherworldly forces.

There are even instructions as it needs to be done. Certainly, it is not necessary to perceive them seriously if you are not able to manage energy tsi with dexterity of the Taoist master. For concentration of energy use: breath tsi, different chakras, ability to manage energy and so on and so forth. Jokes jokes you should not experiment, but there can be also a fire.

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