What is feasts

What is feasts

In communication and rules at torrent trackers the specific terminology in which participants of file sharing are called sider, licher and feasts is used. What is a feast and what they are?


1. The feast (peer – with the English accomplice) is a general name of the participant of network which is built by the principle of file sharing and services of services between computers. The feast stores files on the computer or places services and provides to them access to other participants. In exchange the feast receives similar files or services of services from computers of other participants of exchange. The networks built by such principle are called peer-to-peer or peer-to-peer.

2. The most widespread example of P2P networks are a torrent network which are intended for file sharing between the participants. File sharing happens to the help of special programs – a torrent clients which automate process of exchange between feasts. By a feast in a torrent networks call any participant who is directly participating in file sharing. The set of all feasts participating in one certain distribution is called a swarm.

3. Feasts in a swarm are subdivided into licher and sider. Licher is a feast which has no part of distribution yet or has no all parts of distribution, that is a feast the loading file on the computer from the computer of a sider or other licher of a swarm who already have the necessary parts of the file. Sider or the LED is the feast in a swarm having all parts of the distributed file. Cyd is either an initial distributor of the file, or a licher who already completely downloaded the file on the computer. If any Cyd is not on distribution, licher will not be able to download the file completely.

4. The feast in a torrent network which has no part of the file which other participant of exchange has is called interested. If the interested feast opened connection on loading of a missing part, but did not start it within 60 seconds, it is called neglecting.

5. Because of full load of the channel or the restrictions set in settings a torrent client, the feast having parts of distribution in which licher are interested can not respond to the requests for loading. Such participant is called by a dead feast or a dead sider if he has all parts of distribution.

6. Except a torrent, there are networks using other technologies for exchange in which feasts also meet. For example, any participant of a local area network who provides access to the files and downloading files from other computers in this network, is also a feast.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team