What is flood

What is flood

The conversation takes place in the Internet by the certain rules similar to real communication. There are two, three and more opponents, they exchange views, share information, report useful data. And the foreign personality who is taking away the main thread of a polylogue in absolutely other direction puts in this moment in a conversation.

Flood comes from the English flood – a flood, flooding. It is a peculiar form of flooding by information of forums, chats and social networks. At the same time, it mostly is useless, deviates the main discussion, does not bear payload.

Types of flood


In normal sense – it is just useless messages as it was already told, not bearing payload, but there are also other forms:

At flood there are a lot of appearances by which it can be classified.


- For example, the same repetitions of characters, phrases, letters, in the absence of sense belong to an extreme kind of flood.

- It is possible to flood by means of nicknames – when the fluder gathers a set of not existing nicknames or bots in a chat. Especially conveniently it for IRC channels.

- Vayp-flud – empty subjects at forums.

- Flood of smilies – if in a chat or at a forum the message from some smilies is sent.

- Micro flood – is called so not for the size, and by analogy with the word "microphone". Are engaged in it in game chats where there is an exchange of voice messages. Here useless remarks, and sometimes and inclusion of third-party music on the server belong.

Why flood extends

There is an opinion that fluder – people with a large number of time, most often teenagers or not self-assured persons. By means of such hooliganism they just seek to kill time, to attract attention or to some extent to compensate own complexes.

And the role of flood is not limited to it. Happens and so that it bears in itself(himself) a certain sense, usually negative. It can be the latent or explicit form of advertizing, insults of any given people, prosecution of other deep motives.

What is not flood

The situation with flood is similar to known "Occam's razor". All heard about it, but very few people know the true sense and therefore apply expression in all convenient and inconvenient cases. Compared with it, flood is often confused with:

If you see that the person inadequately behaves at a forum or in a chat, do not hurry to accuse him of flood - perhaps it the troll...

- Trolling – a game on psychology of participants of communication with the purpose of receiving moral satisfaction from a similar kind of hooliganism.

- A flame – a dispute for the sake of the dispute, when there is no attempt to find the truth and to reach mutual understanding. Desire to argue is normal it is shown in reduction of the excessive argument when the dispute does not make sense any more.

- An off topic – just third-party messages "not in a subject", but without explicit "flood".

In internet community flood is usually met negatively, and fluder are "banned". The first time, usually, this temporary phenomenon for several days. In further attempts of flood perhaps lifelong discharge from any discussions on the chosen resource.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team