What is initialization

What is initialization

"Initialization" is not only compound "scientific" word, but also often found process. Work of computer facilities is entirely constructed on initialization of different variables. What is behind this difficult term?


By definition "initialization" is a preparation of the program or the hardware device for work. This preparation consists in a task of initial data to system parameters. For the program initialization is the task of values to program variables.

Initialization of data array

Initialization of an array has a number of reefs. First, in different software environments the filling of data of an array begins or with the zero A[0] element, or with the first A[1] where A - the name of an array.


For initialization of an array the "step-by-step" cycle for (foreach) is usually used. Filling of an array happens gradually, on one element during each "run" of a cycle. In the cycle for the local variable of a cycle is created - for control of number of passes.

Starting value of a loop variable should match the first array cell: A [0] or A [1]. Final - with an array number of elements.

For the organization of filling with data of a two-dimensional array it is necessary to enclose one cycle for in another. Thus, operation of pass of a cycle on a column of an array will be executed so many time how many is in an array of lines.

Initialization errors

At initialization the system obtains data from all significant devices, processes or operators. Start of the operating system is initialization of data, the operating system receives a response of all parts of the computer, including random access memory, the hard drive and the keyboard. If one of important blocks is absent, OS will not be able to undergo initialization. A hard error of initialization is also the known "blue screen of death".

Line of initialization

For management of initialization the beginners often use simple requests (for example, X = 5) or the manual choice. However regular initialization it is necessary and it is possible to automate.

Let's assume that there is a user of the computer connected to two Internet service providers. Connection speed changes therefore the user constantly switches manually. It is inconvenient and takes away a lot of time. Instead it can set a line of initialization in the command line:

AT+CDGCONT = 1, IP, internet.mts.ru + AT+CDGCONT = 2, IP, internet.beeline.ru.

Now the line of initialization is monitor process for the computer. If the Internet of MTS becomes quicker, than Beeline, then connection of MTS is used - otherwise MTS changes on connection of Beeline.

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