What is Internet surfing

What is Internet surfing

Visit of pages of the websites is called Internet surfing. Being engaged in reading news, watching movies, playing game online, people surf in virtual space.

For surfing it is necessary to install on the computer the observer. It is the special program giving an opportunity to contact websites and to listen, read and watch information which is contained in them. Thanks to it it is also possible to move to other nodes, clicking hyperlinks.

The opening web document may contain other links. As a result the user "floats" on the ocean of information. Therefore the name "surfing" is used.


Whether the Internet surfing can become an income source?

To earn a living by means of this occupation, it is necessary to refuse own preferences and "go" only on such websites which are offered by the advertiser. Pay 1-2 kopeks for viewing one page. To save up the serious sums, it is necessary to visit dozens of pages monthly.

Who pays for Internet surfing? And why?

Attendance is important for owners of web resources. The main source of income for them is contextual or banner ad. Ways of honest involvement of visitors on the website require enormous efforts and serious monetary attachments. Especially sharply this problem is felt on an early time of advance of a resource when it is necessary to draw attention of users as soon as possible.

And owners of the website contact the workers of a system of anonymous Internet surfing ready for a modest payment to give a huge number of visitors on a web resource. As a result the advertiser pays the owner of a system, and that shares with users for the viewed pages.

What is the aimless Internet surfing dangerous by?

Idle walks on open spaces of the World Web are "eaten" by a lot of time. To use it it is more effective, it is necessary to analyze own working day. Its considerable part is occupied by reading news and the statuses on social networks.

The person behind correspondence, discussion of information at forums spends more than an hour. Long is engaged in information search, not having a direct bearing on the tasks which are carried out at the moment.

The Internet opens before people new opportunities in different spheres of activity. And at the same time exposes a set of barriers on the path to wellbeing and happiness.

People come into social networks for a couple of minutes and will see off till several hours there. Every time is promised themselves that more it will not repeat. And next day nothing changes, and the effectiveness of activity falls.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team