What is online games

What is online games

Online games differ in the fact that use Internet connection for start implementation. Such games implement an opportunity to be present at the same time at game process to 2 and more players. Each of gamers is capable to influence both the game world, and other characters.

Today several types of online games are provided. Their distinctions are caused by process of implementation of game interaction and means which are used for start.

Browser games


Browser online games are started in a window of the program for viewing Internet pages in a system. From other versions they are distinguished that they cannot function out of a browser window, do not need installation of the additional software and are made much more simply in respect of technical implementation. The window of the browser imposes some restrictions for games, and therefore most often they are simple. A striking example of service of online games is the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and Gameforge resource.

Some players earn money, selling and buying game things or game currency.


Client games

Client games are more difficult option. Unlike browser they are implemented in other popular network programs and specialized applications clients. In the market of online games these games make the majority. They require installations of the client program on the computer for implementation of display of elements of the interface and game interaction. It is possible to carry to such games Ultima, Lineage 2, Ragnarok Online, World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy XI, etc. Also some carry the applications started in the Internet programs ICQ, Skype, IRC to such games.

There are client browser games which are also started by means of the browser, however before process of a game the user needs to install the client program for game process.


Multi-User Dungeon

Other popular kind of online games are MUD which represent text applications. All process of a game is implemented in the form of the text and commands which users exchange for commission of any given action. For implementation of process the special Telnet or Jabber protocol is used. The player interacts with the game environment by means of the special commands sent to the server which processes results and displays them.

Casual games

Some researchers in separate category select casual games which work only in the time spent of the user on the Internet. As soon as the player closes a browser window, the application stops being started. At the same time all progress which was made in a game is completely nullified. As a rule, these applications are puzzles. Unlike the others online of games casual are single-user and not always assume presence of the opponent in the form of other player from the Internet.

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