What is search spam

What is search spam

It is known that the great number of swindlers lives in the Internet, and each of them uses the method of deception which is the most suitable for itself to which in a certain measure it is possible to carry also search spam.

First of all it is necessary to know that it is necessary to understand a kind of so-called "black" optimization as search spam. For certain many users of personal computers and the Internet know about what search spam to some extent applies everywhere. A main objective of search spam is short-term, but at the same time significant assistance to promotion of any certain website (growth of its attendance). Most often only the beginning webmasters resort to search spam, and in most cases they do not even notice it. For example, one of types of search spam is purchase of links. In total three main methods of search spam are selected, it is contextual spam, reference and behavioural.


Contextual spam


Contextual spam as it is possible to guess from the name, abounds with a large number of so-called keywords in the text posted on the website. Most often contextual spam is located on the main page (main) of a web resource. As a result it turns out that this page just dazzles with the same keyword (phrase), but nevertheless it can result in good results. Glut by a key of tags of web documents, use for keywords of a font equal to 1 pixel, etc. is less often carried out. Thanks to modern security aids, by application of contextual spam it was reduced many times over and its use became just inexpedient.


Reference spam

Much more often now it is possible to meet reference spam. The principle of its work consists in unnatural manipulations as with external reference, and internal (with a mass of links of some web resource). Unfortunately, modern search engines can not always define from where there was any given link, and it means that it can be considered the safest. Nevertheless overutilization of reference spam can lead to imposing of the AGS filter.

Behavioural spam

As for behavioural spam, this version appeared relatively recently. Modern search engines develop methods of fight against it, and it means that many optimizers can add such type of spam to "arsenal". Most often wrapping with its help is carried out by purchase of activity at the exchanges. In this regard it is possible to tell absolutely precisely that its application will involve certain financial costs which will not always be small from the optimizer.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team