What is Seo-optimization?

What is Seo-optimization?

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It is required to you

  • 1) Head
  • 2) Hands
  • 3) Computer or laptop
  • 4) Your website


1. Search engines consider a set of parameters of the website at calculation of its relevance
Density of keywords
Index of citing website
All factors influencing the provision of the website in output of the search engine can be broken into external and internal.

2. The work directed to the general improvement of quality of the website, benefit which it brings to the visitor belongs to internal optimization-. Here it is possible to refer work on structure of the project, on simplification of perception of content and directly over quality of this content. The value of total number of such factors in the majority of sources fluctuates around 200. The functional approach to search engine optimization directed to adjustment of certain factors to their target values was a thing of the past in connection with complication of algorithms of search engines — the cost of "balancing" of dozens of factors significantly exceeds the cost of creation of initially qualitative resource.

3. External factors are divided into static and dynamic.
Static external factors determine relevance of the website on the basis of quoting by its external web resources and also their authoritativenesses regardless of the text of citing.
Dynamic external factors determine relevance of the website on the basis of quoting by its external web resources and their authoritativenesses depending on the text of citing.

4. Methods of external search engine optimization.
Registration in independent directories. It can be carried out manually, or by means of special resources;
Registration in directories of search engines such, as: Yandex. directory, Top 100 Rambler, DMOZ (AOL) directory, directory of Aport, Mail.ru directory, directory of Yahoo and others;
Link exchange. There are several ways of exchange — direct, ring, one-sided (purchase of links);
Placement of articles;
Social networks;
Press releases;
Creation and blogging.

5. There are different SEO services allowing to facilitate work of optimizers and to give to owners of the websites the chance to advance them independently.
Treat the factors downgrading the website:
Nonunique content (articles, news, etc.);
Technologies which search engines consider as spam;
Redundant number of external references;
Wrapping of behavioural factors (Google does not consider);
In structure of a reference profile nofollow share - links is less than 10 percent

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