What is "the resolved static load of SR" on a hosting and how to select necessary value

What is "the resolved static load of SR" on a hosting and how to select necessary value

Any beginning web programmer makes the decision to place the website on a hosting sooner or later and begins to study offerings of providers. Data plans include different parameters, one of which is "the permissible static load (CP)". Let's try to understand what is it and what it influences.

What is CP and CPU?

So, you finish work on the website and are going to start the following step - its transfer from the local server of the computer on a hosting. When choosing a data plan you found a mysterious phrase: "The resolved loading 65 CP in day". How this parameter is calculated? And the most important, the maximum load 65 CP is much or a little?

CP (cpu points) is the value showing amount of time spent by the processor on processing of objectives. Usually on a hosting specify two parameters: load of the CPU (CPU - Central Processing Unit) the Web server and the server of databases (MySQL).

Loading on the CPU Web server

CP shows the amount of time in minutes spent for execution of all processes of the client (client equipment). For example, 0.2cp means that operating time of the processor made 0.2 minutes (i.e. 12 seconds). The data of all clients obtained within each hour develop and entered in the database. If the received number exceeds the permissible value set by provider, then during the next period (hour) all processes will work with the lowered priority. To learn permissible maximum value, it is necessary to share the resolved burden on 24. Thus, if on a hosting this parameter is 65sr, then it turns out 65/24 = 2.708cp per hour. It means that if total time of execution of processes of all clients makes more than 2 min. 43 sec., in the next hour the priority will be reduced. 

Measurement of indicated values is performed by the Process accounting system in Linux OS; data are brought to the control panel of a hosting (not to confuse with the control panel of the website).

Load of  the CPU MySQL servers

In this case CP is measured not in minutes, and in seconds. The phrase ""the resolved loading 2500 CP in day"" means for MySQL that permissible total load in a day makes 41 min. 40 sec., but no more than 1 min. 44 sec. per hour.

What does CP depend on?

 The value CP depends on many reasons: subject and attendance of the website, its settings, existence of modules, etc. The more website materials, the higher it attendance are demanded by users. It is impossible to evaluate just like that loading which will be created by the website on the server, it is only possible to call the predicted value, and only after detailed study of its pages.

What permissible load select to the beginning web programmer?

In most cases for the first website that minimum which is offered by the simplest data plans of a hosting suffices.  After indexation of the page of the website will appear in extradition of searchers; the number of users will gradually increase, so, load of the server will increase. From this point it is necessary to browse periodically the diagrams of static load which are usually presented on the main page of the control panel of a hosting in the chart form. If indicators approach critical, it is necessary or to change a data plan, or to increase a daily limit (depends on the conditions determined by provider).

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team