What is the selling text

What is the selling text

Now there are all new instruments of sales. Specialists try to develop effective approaches to interaction with buyers and to creation for them the favorable offer. A significant role in it is played by the so-called selling texts.


1. The text describing certain goods or service is called selling so that readers by all means had a desire to buy it or to use the offered service. The text usually begins with the prolog which calls goods or service and also describes their main characteristics. At the same time it should not have an appearance of the list of the properties of a product decorated with bright epithets. The effective selling text focuses attention at once on certain aspects of the offer which could "hook" on attention of the buyer instantly.

2. For example, the description of a new plate can begin with identification of the main problems which the potential buyer can face if uses old model of a plate: high fire danger, slow speed of cooking, low functionality. The role of the reader is in agreeing with opinion of authors of the text and to think closely of acquisition of a new plate. There will already be to the place a transfer of the most important characteristics of a product which distinguish it from competitors and do by desired purchase. Thus, the main difference of the selling text from simple descriptive consists in orientation on the specific buyer. For this reason it can even have a dialog appearance – a conversation with the reader which should lead to purchase of goods by all means.

3. The following step is the description of the offer of the seller in general. It is insufficiently simple to report to the reader about uniqueness and usefulness of goods, it is important also correct to present it that it seemed favorable. For this purpose it is possible to focus attention on a rich complete set of a product, to tell about related products and services which the buyer will be able to receive if he gets it.

4. Not less important is a trust call to the seller. The selling text should show unostentatiously that this supplier of goods or service is the most reliable. It is possible to refer convenience of implementation of the order and delivery, long experience of sales, existence of a broad base of clients and, of course, the adequate and favorable prices to arguments.

5. The call to action – purchase of desired goods becomes the completing part of the selling text. The reader is already well informed on him, and it is necessary to help it to pass to active actions at once – to open the website of online store, to call the specified number to sales managers or just to leave the coordinates for feedback. Thus, at due efforts this text is capable to replace even the experienced seller and to sell the same goods not one dozen times.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team