What is url the address

What is url the address

Virtual life has much in common with real existence. Each person has a postal address to which he lives. On the Internet it is enough to know the address of the uniform pointer of resources or just url.

Uniform Resource Locator (English) that is translated as "the uniform pointer of resources".

When it is necessary to find some information in the Internet, the system gives result of this search. Having followed the link, the web page with the interesting information opens.

On the Internet it is accepted to call all web pages documents. Each document has the certain place in a world wide web.

The task of search of the necessary information becomes simpler many times if to know for sure location of this document. Exact path to a certain web page (document) is designated by means of the url-address.

Path is specified too in files which are stored on the computer. But the url-address is under construction according to other scheme and visually looks approximately so: http://name.ru/papka/document.html.

Designations in the url-addresses

Data transmission goes to networks under the protocol. The most widespread http: type. In the url-address it is on the first place.

After the protocol the name of the website is written. In the example given above, it is called name.ru. If to speak a vernacular, this part of the url-address designates a domain name.

Then papka is specified. It is a part of the address where information of the website is stored.

The specific web page which needs to be found in the search engine in the given example is called document.html.

One part from another in the url-address separates a virgule "/", the slash is called. The double slash is put after the http: protocol.

Additions to the url-addresses

In the deployed option the url-address can have such appearance: http://логин:пароль@хост:порт/name.ru/papka/document.html?параметры&параметры#якорь

In the address the login, the password and port can be necessary. The login and the password is obligatory for access to the paid websites.

The port is special doors in order that computers had an opportunity to be connected the friend and to the friend and to interact among themselves. If the port is closed, then that it will be impossible to be connected to the computer.

After a name of the required web page, additional designations can be specified. They are written after the question mark (?). Between these designations the sign is put &. Such additional parameters in a line of the browser can be much.

After the sign # the anchor is substituted. On many websites the links "Read Further" meet. If to click this link, then in a line of the browser this anchor is substituted.

Valid characters in the url-addresses: letters are written with Latin; digits are designated in Arab; from signs the point, underlining and a hyphen is used.

In rare instances "comma" and "semicolon" can be used.

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