What means to archive the letter in Gmail

What means to archive the letter in Gmail

Archiving of the letter in Gmail – the easiest way to clean the list entering without risk to delete the necessary messages. This function allows to remove separate letters or chains of letters to archive, having left at the same time them in a mailbox to find and use if necessary.


1. Archiving of messages is a special function which the Gmail mail allows to apply to all users. Its essence consists in movement of a certain message, group of letters to special archive. As a result the list of incoming letters is quickly cleaned. At the same time essential difference of this opportunity from the normal room of messages in a basket or removals is their constant saving in a mailbox. The letters placed in archive remain completely available for search, reading, other use that excludes risk of removal or loss of the necessary information.

2. It is rather simple to archive messages in Gmail, this operation takes several seconds any user. So, if necessary to send to archive one letter from own box it is necessary to open the page with the list of messages. It will be required to check the page opposite to the interesting letter then to click "Archive" in the top part of the page. It is possible also just to open this message then to press the specified button. Subsequently the letter can be found in the section "Archive" or with use of search by a mailbox.

3. It is also simple to archive several messages in own Gmail mailbox at once. For this purpose it is necessary to display all list of the messages intended for the placement to archive on the page. To define the specified list, it is most precisely possible to use search by a mailbox or to select all letters noted by a certain label. After forming of the list it is necessary to install a tick in the top part of the page that will entail selection of all letters placed on it. If the necessary messages which are used constantly accidentally were included in the list, then it is possible to remove from them marks. Then it is also necessary to click "Archive" therefore all noted messages will be placed in archive.

4. At any time the user can find the archived letter, having used normal search by a mailbox. Also archived chains of messages appear in the list entering at emergence of the new answer from the corresponding user again. It is necessary to remember that letters are stored in archive infinitely long as the archive is not an analog of a basket from which all information is permanently deleted after a certain period. For this reason this function is demanded.

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