What program for the mdf file

What program for the mdf file

Files with the mdf and mds extension always are together and are one of options of implementation of a disk image in a digital format. mdf can open images by means of various programs – UltraISO, Alcohol120, Daemon Tools, etc. For editing and there will be enough receiving full access to mdf of the described programs, for start of an image it is necessary to do some additional actions.

Opening of mdf by means of UltraISO

Start the UltraISO program installed in a system by means of the corresponding icon. In the opened window of the program click File which is on a horizontal top panel. Select the Open item in a drop-down list. Specify path to the mdf file in the conductor and click Open. Thanks to these actions the access to contents of an image, but not its start in a system will be got.


To mount an image of mdf in UltraISO in the program select the Tools item. Select item in a drop-down list "Mount in the virtual drive …". In the opened window select "Virtual CD/DVD the drive", provide path to the image file in point with the name "Image file" of the same name slightly below. Further click "Mount". Now mdf an image is mounted in the virtual drive and it is possible to check it, having come into "My computer" and having found the corresponding icon there.


Creation of a virtual disk by means of Daemon Tools Lite

There is one more way to create a virtual disk and to mount in it mdf an image. For this purpose it is necessary to download the free Daemon Tools Lite program from the website of the developer. The fresh version is located at always daemon-tools.cc/RUS/downloads from where it can be swung gratuitously.
Having downloaded and having installed Daemon Tools Lite, start the program, having clicked the corresponding icon. In the appeared window click "Add the drive". Below you will see the appeared drive. If to open "My computer", there will be an icon of a virtual disk with automatically assigned letter. Mount of mdf is made by means of clicking at image two times.

UltraISO setup

Can happen so that in UltraISO the virtual drive will not be automatically assigned. In that case start the program, click the Options point, then "Settings", "The virtual drive" and further "The program of the virtual drive" - "Find". If you already installed Daemon Tools Lite then search and detection of the drive will be run. In case of success click "Ok".

Other opportunities

By means of UltraISO it is possible not only to mount and study images of mdf but also and to create them. If it was required to create a disk image, click the File point, then New in the program. Now select necessary type of an image from the list. In most cases "The image of CD/DVD with data" will approach. Throw in the right part of a window necessary files by means of the cursor, or click "Actions", then "Add files …". When contents of next image are created, click "File", "Save as …". Enter the desirable name of an image, slightly below from a drop-down list define its format. In addition to mdf, it is possible to select others from the big list. Click "Save", having specified path of saving the file. Now you are able not only to open the mdf image file, but also to create it by means of the UltraISO program.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team