What random access memory influences

What random access memory influences

Random access memory influences increase in high-speed performance of the computer at execution of different applications and processes. The RAM is one of the most important components of the device of the computer and influences the overall performance of a system and its ability to start a set of resource-intensive programs at the same time.

Purpose of random access memory

The processor of the computer stores a part of data which need processing in random access memory. The indicators and capacity of the RAM are higher, the execution of the different tasks set by the user is possible quicker. Especially critical indicator of random access memory is its volume. Important characteristic of a level is the frequency of record or data reading.

The memory size is higher, the more processes can be stored in it and the quicker there will be an access to the stored information from the operating system and the processor of the computer.


Choice of a level


Before performing the choice it is necessary to learn what type of a level is installed in the computer. The majority of modern systems use for operation of the DDR3 board which win both in high-speed performance, and in stability of work against the majority of other types of memory. Yet not absolutely the popularity of DDR2 fell, the truth most modern vendors gives the preference towards DDR3. The type of a level can be determined according to an inscription on the RAM or by documentation which went in one set with the computer.

When choosing random access memory capacity it is also necessary to select the most best value. If you use the computer for start of office applications and programs, increase in random access memory up to an indicator of more than 4 GB in the sum is senseless. Memory size in 8 GB will be suitable for the game system.

The level of random access memory should correspond to the used equipment, otherwise significant increase in performance will not manage to achieve.

Frequency of work of the acquired level is also an indicator which influences the speed of operation of the computer. It is important that the installed modules had identical frequency. For example, if in the computer two cards with a frequency of 1333 and 1866 MHz are installed, the total frequency of work of both levels will equal 1333 MHz, i.e. the second module will work at smaller power.

The two-channel principle of work of random access memory which consists in installation of two payments of random access memory of smaller volume towards higher reading speed of information will help to increase performance in games also. For example, for the computer it is better to install 4 GB of the RAM from 2 levels on 2 GB. Performance of such system will be higher, than at the device only with one module on 4 GB. Thus it will be possible to achieve the bigger system performance since one level of the bigger size works much more slowly, than memory of smaller volume.

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