What the website differs from the blog in

What the website differs from the blog in

The blog is one of types of the website, the most popular in network. It has a set of differences from other types of Internet resources which should be considered to the people wishing to create own website.

Main differences between the blog and other types of the websites

The most important difference is that the blog, unlike other options of Internet resources, reflects first of all outlook of the author. It is a peculiar public diary in which the person tells about himself, the outlooks on life, the experience and about many other. Almost all materials of the blog anyway reflect interests and preferences of the author, or illustrate certain moments of his life. Other types of the websites, on the contrary, differ in impersonality. The author of the materials placed on them is far not so interesting as content which he offers users.

Many types of the websites are supported by the whole group of people, each of which is responsible for the solution of any given questions and tasks. Dozens of participants can select and place content on such resources. The blog, as a rule, is developed and kept only by the author except for cases when the person needs the help in development of design and the solution of other technical issues.


The websites are often focused on wider audience, than blogs as can include materials of different orientation, since cars and finishing with recipes of dishes and ridiculous pictures. For such resources specialists of different areas can select content. The author of the blog writes about what is closest and interesting to it therefore such websites, as a rule, have narrower focus and are focused on people whom specific topics interest.

What the difference between blogs and other types of the websites consists in

The blogger to become much easier, than the owner of the website of other types. For this purpose special knowledge, vocational education, skills in advance, experience of design work and even ability to professionally write articles is not required. For this reason the popularity of blogs grows every year: almost each net surfer can create own page.

Bloggers and owners of the websites of other types have, as a rule, a different approach to audience. For the majority of the websites the response of users is unimportant: it is important only that they browsed content, visited different pages, ordered services, bought goods, called by the specified telephones, were interested in advertizing links. Blogs, on the contrary, are focused on reaction of readers who can be recognized, having viewed comments. Quite often the volume of comments on the text considerably exceeds the volume of the text. Readers can leave the opinion, polemize, praise the author or point out the material defects. They will come back to the blog again and again to read replies to the comments and to find new interesting materials.

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