"What to do if spam of VKontakte"

"What to do if spam of VKontakte"

Among active Internet users you will seldom meet now the person who would never face spam. Spam is empty letters, importunate advertizing, it is the garbage littering mailboxes, blogs, pages on social networks. Social network VKontakte - a favourite target for the spam attacks. What to do if VKontakte comes spam?

Spam comes to your page

Spam can be present at social network anywhere: in comments, records on a wall, private messages. Spam can come from friends whose pages cracked, or at all from strangers. In process of expansion of functionality of VKontakte also the number of opportunities for penetration of spam increases.

Be vigilant if you faced spam. You do not follow the links specified in the spam letter (it is even accidental). As a rule, these links conduct on the websites containing a virus. Such websites can seriously damage the computer or get illegal access to your information. If you do not want the malefactor to take control of your passwords, do not touch spam. At once delete it. If you wish to reduce the probability of receiving spam, limit to strangers access to your page.


From your page spam is sent

If you found out that from your page there is a spam sending, it means that your page was cracked. What to do in this case?

If access to the page is not lost, change the password. The safe password should comprise letters (it is desirable both the top, and lower registers), digits, different characters. In addition to secure the page against cracking, tie the account to your mobile phone number.

VKontakte says cracking of the page that your computer was exposed to the attack of viruses. Check whether enough well your computer is protected? Install a reliable anti-virus system. Good free antiviruses are, for example, AVG Free, Avast! Home Edition Free, Avira AntiVir Personal. However free antiviruses not always reliably protect the computer, especially if you visit potentially dangerous sites (sensuality, the cracked software, piracy movies and music). For ensuring the most reliable protection of personal data put one of paid antiviruses: Kaspersky, Dr.Web or nod32.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team