What to write about itself VKontakte

What to write about itself VKontakte

Thousands of articles can be found in the Internet, telling about what can be written in the section "about itself" on the website of VKontakte. Everyone wants to be selected, think up something original. However the originality is put in ourselves, it is not necessary to think out anything, it is worth dreaming up only a little.

It is required to you

  • - Internet access;
  • - registration on the website of VKontakte


1. Visit the page on the website of VKontakte, having filled the fields demanding to enter the login and the password. Further, on the right side of the page find the section "Personal Information". To the right of this inscription find the Edit button and click it once with the left mouse button. After that before you the page with fields in which it is possible to enter the different information concerning the personality will open. The field "about itself" is located at the very bottom. Scroll a mouse wheel the page down and find it. Click in a window with the pointer of a mouse once of the left button and you can begin to print.

2. You can report "about yourself" the truth. What do you do to specify the main lines of the character (quiet, reckless, romantic), to write about what you love (I like to read and communicate) and so forth.

3. Many specify the favourite quotes, poems which as well as possible describe his personality in information on themselves. If you do not know such sayings, then can look for them on the different websites or in encyclopedias of aphorisms. If you found the necessary phrase in the Internet, then it can just be copied in the field "about yourself". From the book – it is necessary to reprint.

4. If you do not want to write about yourself the truth, then also the thought-up information will quite descend. It can have comic, erotic, frightening character and so forth. The main thing is to begin to compose. However it is possible to use also certain templates. For example, "name, growth, weight, run, blow force, etc.".

5. If you want, then you can not specify about yourself anything at all, having left this field empty. Or to construct any drawing of different signs and characters. For this purpose it is possible to use the different websites on which a huge number of various pictures is posted.

6. After you fill the field about yourself, find under it the Save button and click it once the left mouse button. In several seconds information will be saved, and at the top of the page the inscription "Will appear changes are saved. New data will be reflected in your page".

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team