What to write on a wall of VKontakte

What to write on a wall of VKontakte

The wall of VKontakte overstepped the limits of the normal place for public correspondence for a long time. Now it is the whole blog giving the chance to add the image, a video and a song. To make your blog by VKontakte interesting, it is necessary not only to update constantly records, but also to do them qualitative.

How to make the wall interesting?

On the wall you can share events of your life. Especially if it at you is filled with them. But you remember, your records should interest not only you, but also the others. Therefore it is not necessary to photograph each meal and other actions if you have no talent to present it from an interesting foreshortening.

Having attended an interesting exhibition or a concert, you can write the small overview and the impressions about what was seen. Surely add own photos – they will increase visual effect and will push on readings a post.


You share news which you found in the Internet with friends. Those news which directly can touch your and their life in the near future will relevant look. Do not close the wall from comments: so you will be able to read responses and to cause heated discussion.

You share compositions which are pleasant to you or which were published recently. You can also add pictures which approach on subject to audio recordings.

VKontakte is seldom welcomed manifestation of plagiarism, reposts of the "hackneyed" phrases without own opinion and vanilla quotes.

Wall of friends

Do not extend spam on a wall of friends, otherwise they will quickly close to you access to the page. Messages it seems: "Send this record to 20 friends, and your desire will be granted" can work only on the person who is still young and recently registered in VKontake. It is also ugly to send to a wall to the friends advertizing of applications which you use. It is better to tell about it personally.

But what then it will be appropriate to write on a wall at the friend? As option, it is possible to add your joint successful (and only successful) the photo and to make the original signature to represented. If you want to share with the friend your preference in music, add to it an audio recording which to you to liking.

In case you try to be pleasant to the girl, you should not write on its wall different bright compliments publicly. It can frighten off it and affect future communication.

Groups and public pages

Before in general to write something on a wall of the public page, think what subject your community treats. If the community has no category at all, then and it does not make sense to create it. Write about everything and at once it is interesting - it is impossible therefore it is necessary to select the niche or instead of one group to create a little.

Develop uniform style which will be inherent only in your community. It can be the watermark with the name of group or the picture, issued in uniform style. Or perhaps your counter will become the fact that to each record you will have a suitable musical composition.

Try not to use "memes" which are known on social networks for a long time on a wall of the group. Otherwise your subscribers will quickly lose trust. Content with which you fill a wall should be unique and rechecked in reliable sources.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team