What to write to the girl of VKontakte

What to write to the girl of VKontakte

VKontakte - the most popular social network in Russia. It enjoys wide popularity at youth, including girls. How to make communication with girls of VKontakte bright, positive and memorable?

Phrases motives

Ability to talk quickly are also effectively appreciated in the present worth its weight in gold. Correspondence in style: "Hi, I invite you in club [name] at 19:00" can attract the familiar girl, create an image of the person of business, but not the idle talker in her imagination. You can develop an image of the person who is seldom spending time on social network, communicating only with the elected people. The small number of "friends of VKontakte" and gentle requests motives will do good: "Come, I hope to see you".


Try not to write the girl about the feelings VKontakte - better to tell such things personally. However you can show sympathy hints ("I was glad to meet you", "We together perfectly spent time"). It is desirable to tell about himself casually, touching upon a subject which you discuss in correspondence. If the girl tells you that she visited poetic evening, can tell about favourite poets or about the favourite hobby.


Beautiful compliments

Girls are auditory - the popular wisdom says. The compliment can reduce a distance between you and the girl. However it is necessary to consider the fact that women hate banalities. It is desirable to praise the girl for actual advantage. It will be twice pleasant to her if the compliment is sent to the address of its character, but not appearance. This method of communication by that will be more effective, than more it will be combined with your character. If in life you too often speak to girls gentle sincere words, then and your messages of VKontakte will have big weight.

Not only messages

It is desirable to use additional services of social network. Such way of communication can bring to the girl many pleasant minutes, win over her. Leave on a wall to the girl clever expressions and links to events. "Like" its photos and photos of her friends. You give to the girl "gifts". Their acquisition will require "voices of VKontakte", however the spent money will be able to tell about you a lot of things. The girl will understand that she to you is not indifferent, and you are selected from the mass of her admirers.

To the girlfriend

If you consist with the girl in the relations or in defects, pleasant words can strongly bring together you, especially at the parting moments.

Use the words clear only to you - it will be pleasant to your girl even more, will create at her feeling of your strong emotional connection. Use also your old photos as attachment to the message, throw off favourite songs on "wall".

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