"What website is more popular: ""Schoolmates"" or VKontakte"

"What website is more popular: ""Schoolmates"" or VKontakte"

The social network "Odnoklassniki" appeared before the analog VKontakte. Nevertheless, today VKontakte is the Russian leader among communication resources and also one of the authoritative websites on virtual space of all Internet.

If to compare popularity of such social networks as VKontakte and "Одноклассники.ру", it is possible to notice that the first of them is the most known. The fact is that in 2012 the number of users of VKontakte totaled 140 million people, and from them about 40 million visited the site daily. In "Schoolmates" the number of the registered people was 135 million, and daily attendance did not exceed 33 million. Now these data, of course, changed, but the leading positions and remain with VKontake.

Why the website of VKontakte is more popular, than "Schoolmates"?

The popularity of social network "VKontakte" easily speaks. Service offers ample opportunities to users on editing, adding and processing of personal information. In VKontakte it is possible not only to communicate, but also various files, video and audiodocuments. Besides, through this social network convenient business and working problems which will not demand any efforts from the user and the ordinary visitor are solved.

Now developers created convenient individual space for each visitor. Creation of the account begins with filling of information on personal preferences and the purposes. Further photos and also the additional multimedia information are added.

Each user has own microblog in which it is possible to publish any information which is not contradicting the current legislation.

It is convenient to work with social network "VKontakte" and in a foreshortening of mobile gadgets. Developers created official applications which adapt social network for smartphones, tablet computers and other systems. Big advantage of this service is competent information processing which does not require serious traffic or long waiting. Even viewing video and full movies will not cause any problems and obstacles.

The popularity of this social network is explained also by the fact that for today in the website a huge number of information is processed. In fact, VKontakte represents the full search engine which have individual structure and allows to find the mass of material. Separate communities can have both the open, and closed character that allows to distribute documents among a limited circle of people. Vkontakte often use business enterprises which heads can quickly distribute news or the statements among own employees.

Service actively develops and further risks to turn into an independent Internet environment with own rules and laws. The audience of the website grows hourly.

Changes in work of the website "Одноклассники.ру"

As for social network "Одноклассники.ру", recently it begins to develop too. The administration of the website entered quite recently an opportunity to send photos in private messages, besides, the cost of gifts falls from time to time that also attracts some users. However the fact remains: VKontakte takes the leading position.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team